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Tuesday, February 2, 2016 6:00:00 AM PST - 7:30:00 AM PST
Contract Transparency in Natural Resources

Co-hosted by the Government of Mexico and the OGP Openness in Natural Resources Working Group, this webinar is part of the peer learning and idea exchange agenda on the impact of greater openness and participation in decision making in the natural resource sector of the Working Group. Government representatives from Mexico and the Philippines—two countries that have taken significant steps to disclose their natural-resource related contracts—will discuss the challenges they encountered, and examine the solutions or courses of action that their respective countries took to address these obstacles. Working Group members will also be part of this webinar’s conversation, in the hopes that the discussions will help inform the commitments of countries who are prioritizing disclosure / transparency in their respective action plans.


Ramon Olivas Gastelum, Pablo Anzorena Lozoya
Ramon Olivas Gastelum
General Director of Strategic Projects, Deputy Secretary of Hydrocarbons, SENER, Government of Mexico

Pablo Anzorena Lozoya
Deputy General Director of Hydrocarbons Income Operations Supervision, Finance Ministry, Government of Mexico

Alessandra Ordenes
National Coordinator, PH – EITI, Philippines

Michael Jarvis (Discussant)
Global Lead, Governance for Extractive Industries, The World Bank Group

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